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Pepenero,Mouille Point

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Mouille Point restaurants have been voted 3.9/5 based on 12 reviews.
Jannine Pretorius
Newport Deli
Wonderful views and brilliant service, food was beautifully prepared and tasty
Melanie Plessis
Service was excellent but the food was a disappointment, ordered a seafood platter which is usually...
Mandy Jones
Sotano by Caveau
What's better than breakfast with a view!? We often stop here for a bite to eat to refuel after a w...
Nicol Miller
Not really that impressed with the sushi here. But the lobster tails are a winner. Fresh and delici...
Cindy Saal
The sushi options are great, fresh and delicious. The view is just beautiful. Staff is great and kn...
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