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Dining-OUT is South Africa's premier on-line restaurant guide with a unique database of restaurants and a search engine containing details of the country's top restaurants in all the major cities and towns.

The website provides full information on all listed restaurants, including address and contact details, trading hours, colour photographs, the full menu with pricing, specials and detailed directions with a map that can be printed out. The powerful search engine allows you to look for restaurants by criteria such as: location, food type, ambience, live entertainment, smoking section, disabled access, outside seating and many other categories.

The provision of a full menu with prices, for each restaurant, has been quoted as one of the primary reasons the public loves to use Dining-OUT. Menus are clear and easy to read and have a consistent format across the website. The database search facility is the most powerful of any website in South Africa and enables diners to see only those restaurants that meet their specific criteria.

Restaurant owners can log on and update their menus and specials directly, or send them to us to load. It’s your choice. You can set start and end dates for specials so that they are automatically loaded and unloaded for you. Whether you have regular entertainment, conference facilities or can host weddings and other functions, there are places to list all the details.

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When deciding on where to list your restaurant there are some important issues:

  1. Track Record.

    Dining-OUT was South Africa’s first Online Restaurant Guide, launching in 2000 for the start of the new millennium. Currently it has the largest base of paying restaurants in the country. A testimony to the value which restaurant owners place in Dining-OUT.
  2. Restaurants.

    Dining-OUT has over 1200 paying restaurants in its database. These restaurants include the country’s top restaurants including those located in the very best hotels. We don’t list fast food outlets, takeouts or venues which are not genuine, destination restaurants.
  3. Dining-OUT Mobile.

    Dining-OUT was the first restaurant guide in South Africa to launch a cell phone based version of their website. It includes the full information that is on the Internet based version but has been reformatted to cater for the small screen size and limited keyboard of a cell phone. Dining-OUT Mobile also sports added features such as “click and book” which dials the restaurant so you can make bookings on the move. The “Take Me There” function interfaces with Google Maps providing voice assisted turn by turn navigation right to the door.
  4. Accommodation links.

    Sleeping-OUT is Dining-OUT’s sister website and contains listings of over 9,000 guest houses, B&Bs, hotels, cottages and apartments. Every establishment has links to the restaurants in its vicinity (provided they are listed with Dining-OUT) sending you even more business.
  5. Google Earth/Maps.

    In conjunction with Google, Dining-OUT has ensured that your restaurant has its own satellite map that can be panned and zoomed and which shows the location of your establishment. Dining-OUT will capture your GEO coordinates for this as part of its standard service. However, Dining-OUT has gone one step further and now enables guests to see all the listed restaurants in any location on the same satellite map. By using Dining-OUT’s category filters, guests can, for example, request to see all seafood restaurants with outside seating and live entertainment in Knysna. Immediately, other restaurants are removed from the map and only those meeting these criteria are left. A click of a button will also add accommodation establishments from Sleeping-OUT to the map, allowing guests to see the restaurants in the vicinity of the accommodation where they are staying.
  6. Search Engine Positioning.

    Popular search phrases such as “Cape Town Restaurants” will bring Dining-OUT at or near the top of search engine results. In addition, Dining-OUT’s established history ensures that its name is already known by diners and foodies throughout the country.
  7. Restaurant Search Criteria.

    A true restaurant database will allow you to search using a number of facilities (outside seating, live entertainment etc) in addition to food type and location. Seeing the facilities of a restaurant only after you have opened the page is not the same as being able to search based on specific requirements. Dining-OUT allows you to only see the results that meet your specific criteria, saving time and increasing the site’s popularity with the dining public.
  8. Feedback.

    Results from any advertising are hard to measure. However, Dining-OUT gives listed restaurants a graphical dashboard showing the number of new customers introduced to you, month by month, over the past 12 months. We also show these figures as a comparison to the average for your location as well as your overall area. This enables you to make comparisons between your restaurant and other restaurants you may compete with. In addition see social media feedback for your restaurant as well as your average customer rating for Food, Service, Ambiance and Value for Money. See your top reviews and also the awards voted for you by the public in various categories. Check out your restaurant’s fan club, custom tips for improving your listing and much more.
  9. Bookings.

    Remember that diners don’t eat alone. Each booking averages 4 guests. With current food margins most restaurants cover the monthly subscription with just a single booking. 12 bookings in a month would mean your subscription is covered for the year in the first month alone. In addition, one booking is not just one meal. That guest, if happy, becomes a regular providing ongoing business into the future, from just one initial booking.
  10. Turnover and Profit.

    As a restaurant owner you know the investment in time and money that you have put into your business. The only way to recoup this investment and make the profit that is vital to your survival and growth is via the customers that come through your door. Visitors to Dining-OUT are qualified prospects. They have made the decision to eat out and now only need to decide where. They want to see what your restaurant, your menu and your prices look like before they make a decision. That’s why your restaurant must be on Dining-OUT.
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