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Menu Updates

The one thing that Diners want to see is your menu and Dining-OUT was the first Restaurant Website to display menus. Our menus are not scans. Nobody likes reading scanned menus. Quality is poor and navigating through pages of A4 menu pages with no index is frustrating for users. For this reason Dining-OUT menus are all individually captured so they are easy to read and navigate. Each menu is on its own page allowing diners to scroll up and down the menu with ease. Multiple menus are accessed by simple menu tabs along the top.

With a high percentage of diners accessing restaurant websites via mobile, it is vital that menus are clear and easy to read on a small screen, another reason why captured menus are easier to read than scanned images of menus.

Your Dining-OUT menu can also be displayed on your own website as well as from your Facebook page. When your Dining-OUT menu is updated, your Facebook menu and your website menu are simultaneously synchronised.

There are two ways to update your menu:

  1. Update your menus from anywhere and on any device by accessing your Dining-OUT account using the login details provided to you. The powerful menu application allows you to add, delete or amend menu items remotely and easily for immediate update. Add winelists, specials and your set menus with ease.
  2. Send your changes and updates to Dining-OUT and we will update your menu for you. However, if you want to display a wine list, you will need to login and do this through our menu app.



Statistically, specials are the most searched for category on restaurant websites. Yet most sites don’t cater for specials. Dining-OUT not only identifies specials in your menu, but allows diners to search our database for restaurants who are running specials.

Load a new menu section and enter your special. Remember to tick the box that flags this menu section as a special. Remember you can also set up "timed activation". Let's say you want to set up a Winter special. You could set the activation date (the time from when it is visible to the public) to the 1st of May and the deactivation date for midnight on the 30th September. It will then be activated and deactivated automatically on those dates.


For any assistance in loading specials on Dining-OUT, please email info@dining-out.co.za or call 021 762 1543



If you have live entertainment at your restaurant, you can enter this information through Dining-OUT . Load as many events as you wish so your customers can see what is coming up in the weeks ahead. If you do not know your login details, either call Dining-OUT on 021 762 1543 or email info@dining-out.co.za.

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