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Stellenbosch Breakfast Restaurants


Specials in Stellenbosch

Heritage Weekend Braai's at Oude Werf Hotel
Oude Werf Restaurant,Stellenbosch
Happy Hour Special at Hudsons Burger Joint
Hudsons The Burger Joint - Stellenbosch,Stellenbosch

Latest reviews

Stellenbosch restaurants have been voted 4.1/5 based on 38 reviews.
Heila Naudé
La Pineta
Weee, absolutely the best choice for a 50th birthday venue and family lunch!! Very good service - S...
Marti Bjorkman
Wijnhuis Restaurant - Stellenbosch
Mediocre meal in a beautiful setting at exorbitant prices
Jason Hutton
Hudson's Restaurant
Nice setting.
Ric Hutton
Hudson's Restaurant
It was a hard choice to make but I finally selected the Spicy Coconut Chicken. This was the best me...
Lilia DeWet
Chez Shiraz
This is a good corporate venue perfect for conferences. It lacks intimacy and noise from the adjoin...

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