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Tyger Valley restaurants have been voted 2.9/5 based on 5 reviews.
Julie Jewitt
Lemon Butta Restaurant - Willowbridge
Okay, so it was Mother's Day & one expects a busy time over lunch hour. However more than 1 1/2 hou...
Ruben Lotter
Lemon Butta Restaurant - Willowbridge
Amazing restaurant! Probably the best food I've ever had. Everything is fresh and homemade. Staff a...
Mandy Jones
Lemon Butta Restaurant - Willowbridge
We really love the sushi here because they add a uniqueness to it. Unfortunately it has just become...
Michael Payne
The Hussar Grill - Willowbridge
The food was really good, the staff were the most sullen unhappy bunch I have ever had the displeas...
Hanneke Heyns
Lemon Butta Restaurant - Willowbridge
We went to Lemon Butta last night instead of our usual outing to De Kelder. I suggested we go there...
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