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Benoni Turkish Restaurants


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Benoni restaurants have been voted 3.8/5 based on 4 reviews.
Lilly Fourie
Beijing Chinese Restaurant - Lakefield
Great food! Sad restaurant. Move to a smaller shop and embrace a take-away vibe as food is what the...
Maya Dajee
Lemon Grass
Amazing Dutch Indonesian food. The variety is great and all the food is flavourful. The decor insid...
Maya Dajee
Jerry's Café
This place is good plain simple food. Jerry has reinvented himself and his eatery over and over. Lo...
Maya Dajee
Cielo Restaurant
I've only been here once which was during restaurant week in 2016. I had the chicken and spaghetti ...
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2.3 kmCielo Restaurant
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3.6 kmJerry's Café
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