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Paternoster restaurants have been voted 4.1/5 based on 4 reviews.
Ann Druce
Gaaitjie Salt Water Restaurant
Great little restaurant with a limited but appealing menu with a strong bias to fish. The fish of t...
Ann Druce
Casual eatery is right on the beach. Sadly the crayfish season has been dramatically reduced since ...
Ann Druce
Casual and quirky beach bar - literally on the beach, with old fishing boats repurposed as tables, ...
Mandy Jones
Timeless Coffee
Such a hidden gem at the Sugar hotel in Greenpoint! The service was impeccable and the food, absolu...
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Seafood, Breakfast, Grills, Traditional
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Greek, Breakfast, Italian, South African
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Seafood, South African, Traditional
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Seafood, Grills, Pastas, Sushi
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Seafood, Grills, Pizzas, Sushi
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Seafood, Breakfast, Pizzas, Steakhouse
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Fine Dining, African, Game, Seafood
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South African, Breakfast, Deli, Seafood
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