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Overall Kelly Zetler
29 Sep 2017
Value for Money
My reservation was for 12:30pm sharp. Make a note to arrive on time as the chef insists on serving all his guests together. Your view from the ‘stoep' is truly spectacular. To start, beautifully presented Snoek croquettes followed by the most spectacular bread & warmed bokom butter that could make you re-evaluate all previous life decisions. Next, crispy squid cabbage tacos with pickled mandarin - delicious! Leaving you asking for more. This restaurant really showcases the best of the West Coast & SA cuisine from fresh marinated Angelfish with citric kumquat acid & foraged “soutslaai” to foraged greens resembling that of asparagus with a pomelo mousse, bokoms & buchu. Experience perfect Saldanha Bay mussels & even a unique combination of oyster with quince & ‘Suring’ (sourgrass). Expect exquisitely cooked Springbok with 'Klipkombers'(sea snails) & to end a homemade pear ice-cream with smoking 'kapokbos' pear & crisp seaweed. A showstopper dish! A beautiful day out & highly recommended.
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