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Morningside (JHB) Seafood Restaurants


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Morningside (JHB) restaurants have been voted 4.4/5 based on 6 reviews.
Amoré Jooste
Amuse-Bouche Food & Wine
Booked for the Lazy Sunday picnic. It was lovely, everything was set up. Blankets, pillows, food,...
Cindy Saal
Signature Restaurant - Morningside
Very upmarket venue in Morningside. The food is exquisite, the service outstanding and the wine sec...
Maya Dajee
Tashas - Morningside
First time I tried Tashas was at this branch and there was a queue of note. Best food item was thei...
Akira Wing
The Green Peppercorn
I was really impressed with the presentation of the meals and the friendly service, but I was a lit...
Maya Dajee
Love Fish
They have the most amazing sushi called the Phoenix Roll. wow... We also loved their variety of ...

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Seafood, Asian, Mediterranean, Sushi
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Seafood, Asian, Mediterranean, Sushi
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Grills, Game, Seafood, Steakhouse
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Italian, Grills, Pizzas, Seafood
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Fine Dining, Grills, Seafood, Sushi
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0.3 km
Contemporary, Bistro, Fine Dining, Fusion
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1.3 km
Asian, Chinese, Sushi, Vegetarian
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1.5 km
Fine Dining, Contemporary, Global/International, High Tea, Light Meals
Guest ratings (1)
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1.6 km
Bistro, Breakfast, Contemporary, Tapas
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1.7 km
Asian, Seafood, Sushi, Contemporary, Fusion
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