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Fat Harry's,Kenilworth

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Kenilworth restaurants have been voted 4.2/5 based on 17 reviews.
Tanya Crawford
Fat Harry's
I visited Fat Harrys this past Friday for their amazing burger special and enjoyed my meal so much ...
Ric Hutton
Fat Harry's
They have to have the biggest portions I have ever seen of everything. So it’s a great venue for th...
Helen Maroulis
Fat Harry's
Fat Harry’s in Kenilworth was recently refurbished and it’s now even better than it was. Gorgeous e...
Candice Jansen
Chinos Coffee House
Absolutely love this place! My friend was down from Dubai and we decided to have a Mom's and Daught...
Dieter Solomon
Bardelli's Restaurant - Kenilworth
Awesome place, the ambience was just right, food (holy shit) and service. Our waiter Sia thank you ...

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The Vineyard Oval Market
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0.1 kmFat Harry's
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0.9 kmThai World
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Searching online for “pizzas near me”? Allow Dining-OUT to guide you!

You will find some of the best pizzas in Kenilworth. A vibrant city, like no other in South Africa, Kenilworth has a reputation for exceptional food. And since pizza is a favourite for most people, there is little surprise that you will find some of the best pizza in this city. On Dining-OUT, we have the top listings for pizza places in Kenilworth!

Pizza is one of those great meals. You can enjoy it as a takeaway or as a sit-down meal in a restaurant. It’s generally one of the most affordable dishes you can choose. And it’s filling enough to not need anything else on the side. That being said, there is little wonder why pizza in Kenilworth is so popular!

To ensure that you find nothing but the best pizza in Kenilworth, we have compiled a list of places in Kenilworth serving up delicious, affordable pizza. These listings are ideal to use when you are looking to save time and effort in the search for this popular meal. On our website we have included basic information about each listing serving pizza. We have provided contact details, a map, and reviews, should someone have left one. With all of this information, as well as a menu and prices, you can quickly find and order your pizza (or make a booking if you are eating in).

The simple way to find and compare pizza restaurants in Kenilworth

With each listing, you will not only get a whole lot of information to use but you will also have access to the various reviews written about the pizza restaurant or fast food joint. A helpful review can mean avoiding that restaurant with the bad reputation while the review could also be the perfect guide to what might just become your next favourite place to eat. Keep in mind though, when reading reviews, that what might be great to some could be not so great for others. Reviews can be biased but for the most part, they can be helpful.

And once you have tried pizza somewhere in Kenilworth, from a place you have found on Dining-OUT, you can also leave a review that could help the next person. Locals will always know best when it comes to finding affordable, tasty pizza in Kenilworth, so look out for these kinds of reviews.

Discover the best pizza in Kenilworth with Dining-OUT

Pizza never seems to fall out of favour. It will always be one of those delicious guilty pleasure meals that you’ll never get enough of. But not all pizza is made the same, so finding the right restaurant is important. Discover new pizza joints in Kenilworth by making Dining-OUT your food guide.

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