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Da Vincis on 2nd Daily Specials
Da Vincis on 2nd,Harfield Village

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Harfield Village restaurants have been voted 4/5 based on 8 reviews.
Nerissa Jeppe
I called to ask about the specials then I made a booking for 7pm. I get to the restaurant and order...
Candice Jansen
VIVA! Mexican Kitchen & Bar - Harfield Village
Absolutely loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious. The menu offers quite a variety of opti...
Cindy Saal
Brad's Grill
Good steakhouse that has been around for years. Portions are generous and has something for everyon...
Cindy Saal
August Deli
Coffee is great, made with good proper beans and a friendly barrister. There are lots of treats on ...
Melanie du Toit
Sakura Restaurant - Claremont
We stopped by this place on Harfield Village's 2nd Avenue before viewing houses yesterday. It was o...
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