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Tokai restaurants have been voted 4.5/5 based on 17 reviews.
Claudelle Austin
Cattle Baron - Tokai
mediocre Terrible stench of smoke permeates the place. not nice... has a bar area where chain smo...
Jannine Pretorius
Tribakery - Blue Route Mall
Wonderful place to have a small year end function, food was delicious, service prompt and relaxed s...
Helen Maroulis
Tribakery - Blue Route Mall
Today’s Special at Tribakery was the delicious Bobotie which I thoroughly enjoyed along with the po...
Mia Solomon
Tribakery - Blue Route Mall
I love going to Tribecka with my family. The food is great, the restaurant is lovely and the servic...
Langford Matthee
Tribakery - Blue Route Mall
What a great way to start off the morning with a scrumptious breakfast! So goooood!!! Great value f...
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