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Specials in Tokai

Discover complimentary mystery tastes at Catharina's
Catharina’s Restaurant,Tokai
Family Special
The Brasserie,Tokai
Lunch Specials
Punjab Express,Tokai

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Tokai restaurants have been voted 4.1/5 based on 4 reviews.
Ric Hutton
When you’ve just come from the Gym and are feeling really hungry.....
Angharad Whitfield
Cattle Baron - Tokai
What a sad experience. Restaurant was so full of smoke and it completely ruined a family celebratio...
Ric Hutton
Col'Cacchio - Westlake
One order was somehow forgotten in the 14 orders of our party so they had to eat when everyone else...
Juliette Robertson
Catharina’s Restaurant
Wonderful experience. Early mothets day . Stunning venue excellent sevice and incredible food. Wi...
Claudelle Austin
Cattle Baron - Tokai
mediocre Terrible stench of smoke permeates the place. not nice... has a bar area where chain smo...
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