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Johannesburg South Steakhouse Restaurants


Specials in Johannesburg South

Doppio Zero Dinner @ Ours Family Style
Doppio Zero - Mall of the South,Aspen Hills

Latest reviews

Johannesburg South restaurants have been voted 4.3/5 based on 6 reviews.
Eloize Mellet
Spur Steak Ranch - Golden Falls
As you would expect from a SPUR. Had a lovely mini Chrismas party here
Eloize Mellet
Little Italy Restaurant
What is not to like, your friendly neighbourhood Portuguese/Italian magic space
Eloize Mellet
Rocomamas - Oakdene
Exactly what you would expect from Rocomamas. Had a craft and burger. Really enjoyed it
Maya Dajee
Calisto's Portuguese Restaurant - Gillview
LOVE this place. Took my mom for lunch on passing through the area. We literally arrived as they op...
Akira Wing
Gino's Restaurant - Johannesburg
Gino's is a staple of the south for good reason. The restaurant brings about a strong sense of nost...

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Steakhouse, Gourmet Burgers, Grills, Seafood
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Steakhouse, Grills
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Indian, Seafood, Vegetarian
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