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Plumstead restaurants have been voted 3.1/5 based on 2 reviews.
John Cunningham
Pirates Steakhouse & Pub - Plumstead
The restaurant is great, but the pub area needs attention. The staff are most friendly and the stea...
Bonita Fowkes
Ocean Basket - Plumstead
Spent R700. for 4 people. Family left feeling hungry. Disappointing.
Cindy Saal
Pirates Steakhouse & Pub - Plumstead
This is typical pub grub and the food is pretty good. Live music every now and then. Generally a fu...
Candice Jansen
Pirates Steakhouse & Pub - Plumstead
One of my favourite local spots. My favourite meal to order is always the rib and rump bites.
Tasneem Meredith
Pirates Steakhouse & Pub - Plumstead
Never fails to impress, great food and best prices. Always a great ambience, awesome music and atte...
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