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Maboneng Precinct restaurants have been voted 4.5/5 based on 5 reviews.
Akira Wing
Eat Your Heart Out
This is quite a trendy little spot in Mabs and has quite a nice healthy vibe going. The chicken sal...
Akira Wing
Origin Coffee Roasting - Maboneng
One of my favourite spots to grab coffee in Joburg, Origin is definitely a place to stop by if you'...
Akira Wing
Soul Souvlaki
This is one of my favourite spots in Maboneng: the food is awesome and the vibe is chill and quirky...
Akira Wing
Che Argentine Grill
Such a charming little restaurant. The lighting is dim and moody, perfect for a romantic night out....
Akira Wing
Mama Mexicana
Mama Mexicana is still the best Mexican restaurant in Joburg in my opinion. The restaurant is intim...
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