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Maboneng Precinct restaurants have been voted 4.5/5 based on 5 reviews.
Akira Wing
Eat Your Heart Out
This is quite a trendy little spot in Mabs and has quite a nice healthy vibe going. The chicken sal...
Akira Wing
Origin Coffee Roasting - Maboneng
One of my favourite spots to grab coffee in Joburg, Origin is definitely a place to stop by if you'...
Akira Wing
Soul Souvlaki
This is one of my favourite spots in Maboneng: the food is awesome and the vibe is chill and quirky...
Akira Wing
Che Argentine Grill
Such a charming little restaurant. The lighting is dim and moody, perfect for a romantic night out....
Akira Wing
Mama Mexicana
Mama Mexicana is still the best Mexican restaurant in Joburg in my opinion. The restaurant is intim...
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Find great restaurants serving light meals in Maboneng Precinct

Sometimes, all you need is a light snack rather than a heavy meal. Sandwiches, quiches and smaller than your average meals are just some of the types of light meals that you will find served in restaurants throughout Maboneng Precinct. And the best place to find a top eatery in Maboneng Precinct serving light meals is by hitting the web and using our helpful directory.

Who needs a big lunch when you are on the run? Perhaps a big dinner is not on the cards tonight because you are in the mood for something lighter? With so many restaurants in Maboneng Precinct, finding the place that best suits your tastes is as easy as using a directory such as Dining-OUT. Not everyone has a massive appetite, and on certain occasions, less is most certainly more!

On Dining-OUT, you are going to find hundreds of listings for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops serving affordable light meals in Maboneng Precinct. Whether you are looking for something different, or should you be in search of something comforting and familiar, you will find it among the hundreds of restaurants in in the city.

Starting your search online is the better route to take when you want to save time, but get all of the relevant information, such as prices and menus. We have listed numerous Maboneng Precinct-based eateries who have light meals included on their menus. And with our easy to use website, you can quickly find the right place to eat!

Find reviews, make price comparisons and learn more about the facilities

To ensure that you always get the information you are looking for, we have included a number of features that you can use to narrow your search and ultimately discover the restaurant you are looking for. Reviews remain one of the best means by which to learn about the place through someone else’s first-hand experience. Reviews will also allow you to make comparisons that will go beyond the prices.

Our site will also give you the option of leaving your own review, thereby helping others as they search through for a new place to eat. Should you be visiting Maboneng Precinct, think of the reviews as the method that locals can use to help those from out of town find a memorable eatery.

Our listings don’t only include reviews, but also maps and a list of facilities that each restaurant, café or coffee shop has to offer. You will quickly be able to find the place that matches your preferences perfectly.

Browse through our listings to find affordable light meals in Maboneng Precinct

Discover new places to eat in Maboneng Precinct and send your taste buds on an adventure when you tuck into a light meal using Dining-OUT as your guide to great food.

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