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Melville (JHB) Fusion Restaurants


Specials in Melville (JHB)

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Piza é Vino - Melville,Melville (JHB)
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Piza é Vino - Melville,Melville (JHB)

Latest reviews

Melville (JHB) restaurants have been voted 4.8/5 based on 3 reviews.
Akira Wing
Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar
Pablo’s is definitely a brunch experience every Joburger needs to try at least once. The quirky hip...
Celeste Everitt
The Great Eastern Food Bar
This is my absolute favourite restaurant that I've eaten at, EVER. From the excellent service, the ...
Akira Wing
The Countess
We finally got a chance to grab a meal at The Countess on a lively Saturday evening, and it was qui...
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