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Rondebosch French Restaurants


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Rondebosch restaurants have been voted 3.2/5 based on 9 reviews.
Fatima Isaacs
Food Inn - Rondebosch
How extremely disappointing!! I usually have the Lamb and chicken Tali from Food Inn from Town and ...
Carolynn Bruton
Some Oaks Bistro - Rondebosch
Yesterday evening 24/7/2017 we arrived at a quiet Some Oaks to order takeaways. We were immediately...
Mandy Jones
The Hussar Grill - Rondebosch
One of my favourite Hussar grills! I love the feel you get when you walk into this restaurant. Stra...
Mandy Jones
Cocoa Wah Wah
A lot like the other cocoa restaurants, they serve delicious lunches, dinners and breakfasts. My g...
Nicol Miller
Cocoa Wah Wah
Great student hangout between classes to grab some lunch. Their burgers and salads are delicious bu...
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0.5 kmThe Hussar Grill - Rondebosch
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1.4 kmTai Ping
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