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Table View restaurants have been voted 3.8/5 based on 8 reviews.
Akira Wing
Remex Mexican Cantina - Parklands
Such a funky little Mexican spot in an unassuming mall. The decor is quirky and the vibe is super c...
Akira Wing
News Cafe - Table View
Great location close to the beach, this is a typical news cafe vibe. A great spot for breakfast, es...
Nicol Miller
Pakalolo - Table View
Overall abit lack luster, but good cocktail variation and great to watch live sports!
Cindy Saal
Beautiful interior, small and cosy! Food is fantastic. Rich combination of flavours and textures. T...
Mandy Jones
The Angus Grill
The waiter was polite, very informative, and definitely recommended the best dishes of the evening!...
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