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West Coast (WC) restaurants have been voted 4.2/5 based on 15 reviews.
Candice Jansen
!Khwa ttu
Had a lovely Fathers Day lunch. I had the oxtail potjie and my husband had the lambshank. The food ...
Kristen Schlemmer
Marc's Beach Bar
Best seafood ever! So glad we found them.
Stewart Seini
Driftwoods Seafood Restaurant
I ordered the paella. They were so skimp on the sea food part that I basically paid R160 for yellow...
Blair Williams
Pearly's Restaurant
SO disappointed!!!! After being loyal customers (at least every week) we had our first bad experien...
Colleen Mallon
Marc's Beach Bar
Was one of my favorite places, but it has definitely gone down. The service was the best I had rece...

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Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Cape Malay
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Seafood, Breakfast, Grills, South African
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Seafood, Breakfast, Pizzas, Steakhouse
Guest ratings (2)
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Seafood, Breakfast, Grills, Traditional
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Seafood, Breakfast, Grills
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Grills, Breakfast, Pizzas, Seafood
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South African, Breakfast, Deli, Seafood
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Greek, Breakfast, Italian, South African
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Mediterranean, Breakfast, Light Meals, Tapas
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Light Meals, Health, Vegetarian
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