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Specials in Rondebosch

Mamma Mia Rondebosch Special
Mamma Mia - Rondebosch,Rondebosch

Latest reviews

Rondebosch restaurants have been voted 3/5 based on 1 reviews.
Linda Allison
Food Inn - Rondebosch
Total disappointment, 4 pieces of meat with more fat than meat and no veg. For the price I paid. Ne...
Fatima Isaacs
Food Inn - Rondebosch
How extremely disappointing!! I usually have the Lamb and chicken Tali from Food Inn from Town and ...
Carolynn Bruton
Some Oaks Bistro - Rondebosch
Yesterday evening 24/7/2017 we arrived at a quiet Some Oaks to order takeaways. We were immediately...
Mandy Jones
The Hussar Grill - Rondebosch
One of my favourite Hussar grills! I love the feel you get when you walk into this restaurant. Stra...
Mandy Jones
Cocoa Wah Wah
A lot like the other cocoa restaurants, they serve delicious lunches, dinners and breakfasts. My g...
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