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Simon's Town South African Restaurants


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Simon's Town restaurants have been voted 4/5 based on 5 reviews.
Nicol Miller
Bertha's Restaurant
Beautiful setting, but underwhelming prego roll and dirty tables.
Mandy Jones
Boulders Beach Restaurant
The restaurant was packed, but seeing as though it's peak tourist season, you'd think the staff wou...
Arlene Nelson
Café Pescado
I love their pizza. They also have a take-away option for their pizza menu.
Arlene Nelson
The Sweetest Thing
Amazing pastries. Their brownies are my absolute favorite.
Beatie Nelson
Café Pescado
We go there often. Their wood-fired pizzas are really good! The waiters are friendly and the serv...
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South African, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Light Meals, Seafood
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Seafood, Breakfast, Grills, Light Meals
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