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Observatory (CPT) restaurants have been voted 4.1/5 based on 4 reviews.
Mandy Jones
Cocoa Chai Chi
I really like this branch of Cocoa. Its really cosy and quaint. The interior and outdoors seating a...
Cindy Saal
Sticky Fingers - Observatory
They do good BBQ ribs and their sticky fries are just amazing. Restaurant is very busy but worth a ...
Nicol Miller
Pancho's Mexican Restaurant
Good texmex, nice social setting, interactive food and bustling environment! I like the platter, w...
Cindy Saal
Queen of Tarts
A cute and quaint little spot. Staff is pretty quick and friendly. Everything is good especially th...
Melanie du Toit
1890 House Sushi & Grill
Every time I come here, I fail to be disappointed. The service is always good. The sushi is sublime...
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