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Menlyn restaurants have been voted 3.7/5 based on 15 reviews.
Zelmaré Verkes
The Black Bamboo
It was great for a change not to be disappointed! Great food!
Chantel David
Mythos - Menlyn Maine
Celebrated my sister's birthday there. Staff were very very good and very friendly. The food was re...
Zulu Jstathought
Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar
Our dining experience at Guy Fieri's kitchen and bar was a shocking disappointment. We have been fo...
Nicole Brooks
Mythos - Menlyn Maine
I'm so obsessed with the newly opened Menlyn Maine. All the restaurants have outside seating and th...
Corlia Koen
Mythos - Menlyn Maine
The waiters and floor managers at Mythos in Menlyn Maine is very professional and friendly. We were...
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