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March Madness Special
A’la Turka,Irene

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Centurion restaurants have been voted 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews.
Bart Jnr
Crawdaddy's Good Food - Centurion
Food was well presented, warm and tasteful. Was a nice ambience. Will definitely recommend.
Janelda Brooks
Spur Steak Ranch - Thunder Ridge
Spur never fails to be consistent in their food as well as providing great entertainment for your k...
Maya Dajee
Mythos - Irene
Enjoyed this branch a lot. Such a vibe when they sang happy birthday to some patrons and broke plat...
Nicole Brooks
Mythos - Irene
A friend and I had dinner here last night, greeted by our waitress Bridgette and directed to our ta...
Nicole Brooks
Karoo Cattle and Land - Irene
Upon 1st impression I assumed this was a small restaurant, but to my surprise as I was escorted ups...
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