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Overall Fatima Roman
31 Jan 2019

Value for Money
I enjoyed my meal,however i order your double thick chocolate milkshake which was not thick at all,also i was very dissapointed when the our waiter did not know about the discount my husband employer(PUMA) staff gets at Primi,he then had to go check with his manager(Raymond)who then also refused to come see us,Hubby then confirmed with Puma Store Manager @v&a waterfront,who then advised him of the 10% discount offered to all Puma staff,when we then confront Raymond,all he says is,we should have told our waiter before we ordered,so they could apply the discount,but did not even appologise or anything.Primi please train correctly and that includes Managers.
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Overall Cindy Saal
24 Feb 2017

Value for Money
I go to Primi in the Waterfront weekly. They cater very well for kids. Their play area is amazing, it is like you drop your kids there and you can eat in piece. Never disappointed by food or service there. We know the staff by name and they know us which I love. Anything on the menu is good!
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