The moment you step into India, the first word you will hear is ‘Namaskar’. It is customary in India to greet all guests and visitors with our hands folded and head bowed because we believe that God resides in the heart of everyone. Derived from the Sanskrit language the literal meaning of the word Namaskar is “I bow to you” irrespective of age.

“Namaskar” symbolises the culture and heritage of India, where we welcome everyone into our hearts and into our restaurant, without the slightest hesitation or discrimination. It is with these feelings of warmth and willingness to serve, that we welcome you to “Namaskar restaurant”

Enter the world of Indian cuisine, where a range of traditional and exotic flavours and subtle taste awaits you. Our menu offers a variety of soups, appetizers curries, breads, dosai and sweets – all from north and south India.

In line with rigorous judging criteria and contending established restaurants, Namaskar, demonstrates its dedication to the art of authentic cuisine and its exquisite recipes.


Indian food is as diverse as Indian culture itself with a dish and flavour for every palate. Our cuisine reflects the breath of Indian culinary traditions, blended together in modernity and contemporary flare. From grinding our own spices to making our own cheese and pickles, we prepare everything ourselves. Spices are the soul of Indian food. Simple ingredients come alive with the special use of spices and herbs.

At Namaskar, our cuisines are made with a simple blend of spices so the flavour of the main ingredient can stay pure whilst the spices provide a supporting taste.


One of the finest intricacies about Indian cuisine is the concept of the tandoori oven. The tandoori dishes derive their name from the tandoor oven that they are cooked in. Tandoor ovens are traditional clay ovens fuelled by charcoal at the bottom. Meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and breads are prepared in the tandoor. Tandoori cooking is delicious, tender and flavourful.

The management and staff of Namaskar, offers you more than just an evening out, our service excellence, warm hospitality and ambiance ensures memories that will last forever…




From Pretoria CBD continue with Stanza Bopape (Church) Street (R104) towards Hatfield. We are on the corner of Stanza Bopape (Church) and Gordon Streets.


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