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Overall Sue Beele
16 Jun 2017
Value for Money
I have been visiting this restaurant for a good 5 years. They have gone from ok, to good, to fabulous. There are no surprises as each meal whether it is a breakfast, a salad, (yummy) pizza, pork belly, curry or Lamb Shank are all delicious. They have lifted their decor, added a closed fire & tweaked the lighting which has enhanced the atmosphere. Colette and her team are always welcoming, it is a pleasure to visit and eat here. Some times we strike up a conservation with other diners which is a sure sign of a relaxed and happy atmosphere where you can also sit solo reading the paper, wifi for your pc, and no distracting loud music. We will keep on going back. Oh they have just been granted a licence too! Lovely non-invasive live music on Fri & Sat nights.
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Overall Tania Banks
12 Mar 2017

Value for Money
Today I went to sostanza for a cup of tea and toast....I waited for 45 minutes after placing my order while I watched the manager chat to poeple she knew and bring out beautiful breakfasts...totally forgetting about my meager disappointing...not an apology or explanation....I had to leave after an hour...still no expectations ruined
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The Old Bakery
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