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Overall El Cid
04 Mar 2018

Value for Money
what has happened to this eatery? Sadly it is on its way down and will end up on the large scrapheap of failed restaurants.We are now ex patrons of this once wonderful restaurant.
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Overall Aletha Jeftha
10 Aug 2017

Value for Money
If I could score this place a zero, I would. But I'll give the 1 point credit to our awesome waiter.

I arrived 5min early ahead of our table reservation and it took them 20min to seat us, because the obnoxious manager & hostess insisted that our full party of 3 had to be there in order to seat us. So instead we were placed on a sofa like naughty school kids in front of the hostess's desk.

After finally being taken to the table, the manager insisted that we needed to be more understanding as they were fully booked and could only seat us when everyone had arrived (irrespective of the fact that we had a booking!).

After seeing the comotion, what I assume to be the owner approaches our table. We then explained our gripe and he basically responds, "well are you happy now? You have your table now...?"

We should have left... Food was overcooked and sub-par, so all the drama was definately not worth it. Will never return and will always inform others of my experience here!
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Shop 8, First Floor, The Point
76 Regent Road
Sea Point


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