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Overall Akira Wing
26 Feb 2017

Value for Money
Our meal took forever, and I suspect it was because I chose the grilled option again. Unfortunately you have to stand awkwardly inside to wait for your number, and there's no where to sit. They should put a microphone outside so you can at least sit and chill while you wait.

We finally got our food and wandered back to our table outside to eat. I had ordered, and was charged for, the Grilled Yellowtail, chips and Salad. Unfortunately, I received Snoek :( by that time I was hungry and we had already waited so long, I dreaded the thought of an even longer wait while they fixed my order so I left it. The Snoek was still really tasty, very nicely flavoured and not too dry. The chips were hard and unappealing unfortunately and the salad was very average. My boyfriend ordered the Calamari which was deep fried and he quite enjoyed those.

Overall I wasn't really impressed with the service and them getting my order wrong, and the long wait was killer standing in that tiny little space.
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