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Overall Johrina Hanekom
12 Apr 2018

Value for Money
We always eat at Kloofstreet branch, excellent food/service.
Yesterday we went to Greenpoint branch.
The sushi was excellent. But the rest of the menu was bad!!!!!
1st we wait 20min for drinks. I walked to the counter and got it myself. Our order took 30min and when we asked the waiter about it, he told us they don't have veg spring rolls this evening, but he will bring the mains. Another 20min later, I called the manager. She was sorry, but seems that she couldn't organize/handled her staff. She said there is problems in the kitchen. We were 4 people, but got our food in periods of 10min in between, not what we ordered, half the order. She told us there is no vegetables. The food was cold and uneatable. She gave us a R50 voucher to say sorry. Other customers also got wrong orders and complained. I will never ever refer people to that branch ever.
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