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Overall Liesel Hoppe
29 Jun 2017

Value for Money
The food is delicious, great value for money and the seafood curry is a must! The service is excellent and staff are always friendly and welcoming. Thank you always for a lovely experience.
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Overall Aimee Hoppe
27 Jun 2017

Value for Money
No vegan options unless you want to count a garden salad as the only option. I asked for the crumbed mushrooms to be cooked without the batter which was declined. I asked for the veg of the day to be served without dairy and that too was declined. I had to compromise on my morals and ordered the veg spring rolls and salad and I left the restaurant hungry as their salad wasn't much of a meal. When I tried to order coffee, again, I was greeted with a no because of some issue about the water, eventually I did get the coffee. The food doesn't sound fresh if it can't be prepared in a slightly different way. I would not go back, it was an awkward experience trying to make an order I felt comfortable with at a table full of people.
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Overall Juliette Robertson
05 Jun 2017

Value for Money
On Saturday evening i has a really fantastic meal at Barracudas.

I ordered the chicken curry and was incredibly impressed, really delicious!!!

Good sized portion and well priced.

Looking forward to going back soon.
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