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Mouille Point restaurants have been voted 2/5 based on 1 reviews.
Helet Withers
Bobo's Brasserie
We took guests from Durban to Bobo’s Brasserie. It was a terrible experience & big disappointment. ...
Jannine Pretorius
Newport Deli
Wonderful views and brilliant service, food was beautifully prepared and tasty
Mandy Jones
Sotano by Caveau
What's better than breakfast with a view!? We often stop here for a bite to eat to refuel after a w...
Mandy Jones
Newport Deli
This is one of my ultimate breakfast or lunch spots... Especially after a run or walk along the pro...
Cindy Saal
Grand Café & Beach - Granger Bay
Restaurant and bar right by the water with breath taking views of the waterfront. Longest pizza I h...
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