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Specials in Century City

Daily Breakfast Specials
Brick Lane Eatery,Century City
Exclusive Sushi and Cocktail Menu
Towers Restaurant,Century City
Col'Cacchio Presents Celebrity Chef Showdown
Col'Cacchio - Canal Walk,Century City

Century City Collections

Latest reviews

Century City restaurants have been voted 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews.
Candice Jansen
Brick Lane Eatery
Hosted a babyshower at Brick Lane Eatery on Saturday and we couldn't have chosen a better venue. Lo...
Cheryl Adams
Brick Lane Eatery
Loved the atmosphere ,the scenery , good wholesome affordable meals and the service. Definitely a r...
Jannine Pretorius
Tashas - Canal Walk
Wonderful birthday breakfast with family, service was very good and food delicious
Mandy Smith
Dros - Canal Walk
What a let down!!! Stopped in yesterday morning for some breakfast. Were treated nicely at the do...
Ric Hutton
John Dory's - Century City
Amazing prices for really nice food. We had sushi platters which were half price on Saturday. Chees...
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