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Taking inspiration from Italian street food, join us at ROSTO for a fabulous food journey "living life in Italian.”

Our menu is based on the Italian ritual of going the the weekly market or rosticceria, and buying a wood-roasted chicken and things to eat with it; to be devoured at home or in the local park. Italians don’t eat pizza or pasta everyday and you won’t find them on our menu (except lasagne and cannelloni which are typical dishes found in a rosticceria).


We serve delicious FREE RANGE chicken from our wood fired rotisserie in 3 flavours, wood-fire roasted wings, focaccia made with stoneground flour and our 97-year old natural yeast - affectionately know as Alfonsina and Italian street food items such as panelle and arancini, crisps salads, an unusual slaw and oven baked yumminess such as parmigiana di melanzane. We believe that our chips are really yummy too, but you’ll have come and judge for yourself!

We make a limited selection of decadent classic desserts; tiramisu, panna cotta, Nutella mousse and a semifreddo al torrone (the most delicious frozen nougat).


We also have some pretty interesting craft soda's and a natural cola imported from Italy - and out very special GASSOSA (lemon craft soda) that we make in the shop. Everything is made fresh on the premises, using the best ingredients we can find and staying true to our Italian heritage.

We have an exclusive selection of local and imported craft beers, and a whole lot of varied and interesting refreshing bar options, carefully selected South African wines and "booze" teabags. (You'll have to come visit us to find out what they are!)




Head north on Beyers Naudé Drive/Main Road/M5 toward Thomas Bowler Street. Continue to follow Beyers Naudé Drive/M5. Turn right onto Mendelssohn Road. Turn left onto 5th Avenue. Turn right onto 7th Street. Rosto will be on your left.


-26° 8' 14.91''


27° 59' 39.14''
69 7th Street


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