Located in the heart of the Village, Hazelwood, is Central. The restaurant has been 25 years in the making and is a culmination of all my experiences in the industry, which started when I was just 16, washing dishes and rolling cutlery in my dads’ restaurant. When I finally figured out that I enjoyed cooking I began experimenting with various styles and influences and over the years began to find my own style and identity, which is definitely Mediterranean.

We take nothing for granted at Central and appreciate every person that walks through our doors.

When asked “Why the name Central?” it simply boils down to the fact that I wanted this restaurant to represent everything that is “Central” to me. Family, Food, Love... The way we treat our staff is the same way we treat our customers – like family. Being Greek, it’s inherent in me to be generous which extends from the Greek word “Filotimo” which literally means to “Honour your friend.” Affection, generosity and hospitality is part of who I, and we, are. The way we cook our food, is with love and are always generous with what we offer.

We have a complete offering on our menu with a special focus on our meat that has been especially sourced from one of the top breeds in the country thus ensuring it is free range and grass fed.Time and care is taken in everything that we do. Almost everything in the restaurant is made from scratch. Again, we go right to the beginning of the food chain, from the attention the cows received during their lifetime and the patience required to reach its prime, which continues after its slaughter. When that time comes, once again we have to wait and let time do its work on the meat, to get it to the right point of ageing.

Throughout a process that may take weeks or even months, depending on what each piece requires, the external fat slowly filters inwards until it gives the meat an extraordinary smooth, buttery texture. Tenderness and flavour build up slowly day by day, and it is necessary to understand the meat and listen to what it is telling us, to be sure it will be ready for the grill.

We understand that certain things take time and we will never compromise… We are who we are and we do what we do and we do it well!

Fire has two fold purpose as it reveals not only the virtues of our spirit but also that of the meat and uncovers the flavours that were forged for so long within. It gives meaning to the work and time spent in the fields and during the ageing process. When the time comes, everything must be up to scratch after all the effort the farmer has put in.

Flavour, after all, begins way before we start to cook the meat. We have to prepare a good bed of firewood and spread it over the grill, cut the meat with a knife so as not to burn its surface, remove the bone to get an even roast, discard the excess fat, temper the chop away from the heat and then bring it closer to sear the surface, carve it to show its true nature along the grain of the muscle, serve it and finally give in to the pleasures of the fire and the meat.This just re-emphasises our passion for what we do in all spheres of our offering.

Legacy... On our journey of discovery, we have been learning, expanding what we knew about meat, pastry, pasta, basically all things food and putting it into practice in Central. In the future, we want to share all this knowledge beyond the restaurant and to pass on to others that have a respect for the past, the environment and the search for an authentic experiences.




Approaching from Waterkloof Park, head northeast on Matroosberg Road toward Outeniqua Avenue. Turn left onto Outeniqua Avenue and take a right turn onto Bending Lane. Turn left onto Dely Road. Slight right onto 16th Street and Central Restaurant will be on the left


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