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Overall Akira Wing
26 Feb 2017

Value for Money

I had a very quick experience at Tjing Tjing Torii as we made a stop at the bar upstairs for a drink, but it was too crowded and people in our party were hungry. So we made our way downstairs to the quieter restaurant bar and had a few drinks there while we waited for food orders.

The restaurant downstairs is far more sophisticated than the rowdiness from upstairs. It all seems a bit pretentious so I was glad to be sitting at the bar.

We ordered the Raw Oysters which were excellent, the yummy sweet gingery sauce they added was delicious. The Pork and Udon Noodle Bowl was quite average, the broth wasn't great and the whole bowl was a bit underwhelming. The deep fried mushrooms were excellent, but quite a small portion.

There are a lot of interesting and delicious-sounding things on the menu which I would be keen to come try out, but maybe when I'm a little richer :P
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165 Longmarket Street
Cape Town


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