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Overall Carolynn Bruton
24 Jul 2017

Value for Money
Yesterday evening 24/7/2017 we arrived at a quiet Some Oaks to order takeaways. We were immediately sent to the bar where we waited for 15 mins before being acknowledged. People sitting at tables in the restaurant ordering drinks were served by barman or waitrons immediately. After 20 mins we were given the option of placing an order and paying for our 5 pizzas. My daughter wanted to order a buchu g+t which was advertised in many places as being on tap but no, they didn't have any. She asked for two specific craft beers but they were not available. The barman failed to ask whether she would like anything else. Why are the clients collecting takeaways treated differently to other clients? Our order totalled over R550 so we were hardly low- paying clients. We enjoy Some Oaks pizzas which are always delicious but last night's service by ALL the staff was so disappointing! The manager never once moved from his position at the front door. Come on guys - yours is a service industry!
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