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Overall Akira Wing
26 Feb 2017

Value for Money
We came to Posticino's for our last meal in Cape Town with the family, and we had an excellent time. The restaurant is bustling and obviously very popular. The waiters are all friendly and the very Italian manager/owner was walking around constantly to make sure everything was going well.

We ordered a range of pizzas to share at the table. The best one had to be the Al Greco, the spinach and feta worked incredibly well on the pizza and wasn't too soggy or too dry. The Porchetta was also excellent... bacon and avo is always a winning combination. The only let down was the Mexicana which lacked a bit of flavour. The pizza bases were all thin and crunchy and the cheese was stringy and melty.

Definitely a great spot for a vibey dinner and if you're in the mood for some good pizza.
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2 Shoreline Center
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Hout Bay


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