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Overall Frances Coburn
28 Jan 2020

Value for Money
My last visit to Possum's. It's been going steadily downhill for years, but today was just unacceptable. The restaurant, whose gorgeous setting is always a drawcard in summer, was almost empty - which should have been a warning. I ordered parmiggiana reggiana - the menu warns that it takes half an hour - and we were OK with that, but after more than an hour we still had no food and were still practically the only people in the place. So what was the holdup? The music was so loud, booming around in the empty rooms, that we had to ask twice to have it turned down.( WHY do restaurants think you want to listen to their horrible, over-amplified choice of ghastly music?) When the food eventually arrived, I couldn't eat mine. The tomato sauce in which the miserly bits of brinjal were drowning must have had an entire bag of sugar in it - sweeter than a pudding. My dining companion tried it and agreed it was inedible, and kindly gave me some of her very mediocre pizza.
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