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Overall Marilyn B
Watford, United Kingdom
11 Feb 2020

“Will Not Return”
This was our 2nd visit to Fabio 's. I ordered a calzone pizza, essentially a pizza folded over. It arrived with scorched dough and blackened heat blisters. When tapped with knife it made a hard sound. However I did attempt to eat it, but gave up after two tries as the dough had a bitter burnt taste. I told the waitress who was most sympathetic and offered me an alternative which I declined as I had lost my appetite. My husband's meal was ok and when the bill came we did not quibble and paid for my inedible pizza. A man, who I assumed was the Manager / Owner came over to the table and proceeded to lecture me about cooking pizzas and insisted my pizza was not burnt but cooked perfectly. I felt intimidated by him and hurridly left the restaurant. But I would like to say, that if a paying customer reports in a polite and discrete manner that the pizza looked burnt, smelt burnt and tasted burnt - then it is BURNT! We will not return to Fabio's the next time we holiday in Hermanus.
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Overall Nigel S
Canterbury, United Kingdom
07 Feb 2020

“Din Dins”
Not a bad looking joint, decor looking a bit shabby and needs updating, friendly staff, food to be honest we both found a bit bland, zuppe de pesce was not the best, 2 mus les2 small clams, 1 flowery prawn in a tomato type soup ish,Wife had cannaloni beef, much the same found it very bland, nice portion but flavour less,Bit disappointed, but hey ho, we move on.
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Overall AndyP1998
Wakefield, United Kingdom
20 Jan 2020

Value for Money
“Hardly authentic Italian meal”
Having feasted on fillet steaks this holiday, was attracted to this authentic Italian restaurant. Didn’t feel Italian when entered the restaurant but server was welcoming and offered meal suggestions. I had the speciality beef pasta dish. Enjoyable, and certainly filling, without being memorable. My wife had the specialty chicken dish which the server warned might be salty. Actually it didn’t taste good - wife not happy so I ended up eating the chicken in this meal, along with some of my original meal. Fair to say we will be back to eating steaks tomorrow
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Hermanus13, Owner at Fabio's Authentic Ristorante Italiano, responded to this review.
Ciao Andy P 1998, I think a great Idea to stick to your steaks as you have really no Idea about pastas or Italian cuisine, our friendliness and suggestions were honest & fair. The Fabio's Speciality is our own designed recipe , a restaurant favourite where people drive from Cape Town to come eat this delicious fillet beef strip pasta which is cooked with mushrooms , added Porcini to create this powerful earthy flavour and touched with a a hint of chilli prior to creaming the pasta to its unique and delicious flavour, ON THE OTHER HAND ANDY , your wife chose the Pasta Putanesca , NOT THE CHICKEN PASTA !!!! this is a typical southern Italian flavourfilled with all the saline products , Anchovies , Capers , Olives , a hint of chilli , home made Pomodoro sauce and there you have what is known as the "Bottom of the Jar Pasta " or the 'Lady of ill repute Pasta ", if you want to know how it got its name , e ,mail me directly and I will explain it to you !!!, Most welcome !!!! Therefore another favourite pasta of the establishment was made to specification according to your request however it seems you have no idea what you ordered and was advised correctly according to my son as I was in the kitchen making it for you , take good care and enjoy our SA home grown Beef steaks , we have Beef on our Menu , Fillet , Sirloin & Rump, also we do Lamb shanks & specialize in Veal , SA Veal steaklets & Ossobucco are available daily made in a traditional Northern italian fashion Ciao , arrrivederci o Addio , tanti saluti Fabio ( Would have been nice to have been contacted directly in stead of using International social media to express yourself ) again , ciao Fabio
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Overall Golftravelle12

20 Jan 2020

“Good Italian food and pizza. Gluten free as well. Not cheap anymore.”
Fabio’s has always provided us with good food and service however it is getting quite expensive. Pizzas are not cheap. Locals might find it too expensive. We enjoyed the food and nice family feel to the restaurant
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Overall Michellejs1
20 Jan 2020

Value for Money
“Fabulous Fabio’s”
Authentic stunning Italian food.Tasty pizzas and crunchy salad.Waitress was very attentive and efficient.
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Overall Negal2014
Perth, Australia
18 Jan 2020

Value for Money
Great restaurant, best book during the holiday period, could not fault the service and the food. Had a spaghetti dish which was served in the pan it was cooked, never experience this before it would easily serve 2 or 3 people so excellent value for money.Wii definitely try and go back.
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Overall Alebds89

16 Jan 2020

“Friendly and healthy”
I am italian and I was not feeling good After 1 week of local food, so I needed to eat something different. The owner was very very kind, when I explained my situation and I asked for a fresh oil pasta. We went also the day after for a pizza and, to be in South Africa and very far from Italy, pizza was pretty fine and my stomach was Better :)The athmosphere Is very cute and also the background italian Songs were very nice.
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Overall carolinelamaisonb
Sao Paulo, SP
06 Jan 2020

We went to the restaurant without expectations (just because my husband’s name is Fabio), but we love everything! I eat the best lasagna of my life (and I really love lasagnas) and my husband eat a risoto of seafood. We strongly recommend this place!
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Overall DougW1819
Constantia, South Africa
30 Dec 2019

“Family Favorite”
Wonderful Italian dishes.Superb wine selection.Friendly and funny staff and owner.Delicious food.Humorous regardless of loadshedding.Great value.
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Overall Daydream17898418766

30 Dec 2019

“Rude staff”
We always went to Fabio’s . The pizza was generally good - except sometimes somebody makes a bad pizza - . We made a reservation on a Friday at 8 pm- electricity was off . We got there at 8. Ppl were sitting by candle light . We stood in the little entrance waiting to be attended to . Everybody ignored us and walked past us. Eventually a young waitress attended to us - we said we have a reservation and she was about to take us to our table . We were happy to order drinks untill electricity was backOn. Then the rude old blond managetezd comes and tells us she’s not taking customers anymore . Even though we had a reservation. She told us the electricity is off and the generator is not working - it’s wa in here - go edit outside untill 8 30 till the power is back. “ just bear with me!!!” She said . We were sent out to wait outside!!! What hospitality!! Previously she was rude to us when we wanted to but take aways- the place wasn’t even busy - it was empty! And chased us away . So we gave her a second chance to redeem herself. She is rude and should inform herself about good hospitality and how to deal with customers- Fabio’s will never see us again . Bad rude manageress. I see there was a previous review w similar situation wit this blond woman who was rude.
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Hermanus13, Owner at Fabio's Authentic Ristorante Italiano, responded to this review.
Apologies Daydream , we have our issues in SA and our loadshedding ( Electricity ) outages do not help & we try our best under tough circumstances , we don't generally like to expose negative marketing however we do try our best and we do apologize once again for circumstances beyond our control , would have preferred a direct e mail rather than international exposure , not sure why people don't communicate with the owners of the business prior to resorting to negative social media ,best wishes to you Ciao FabioSo You Just Received a Negative ReviewFirst things first: back away from your phone or computer and take a few deep breaths. Just because everyone receives negative feedback at some point doesn’t mean it’s easy to take, especially when you’ve put your heart and soul into this business. Negative feedback can sting — so if you’re upset, take a walk, meditate, do whatever you need to calm down.Now that you’re calm, cool, and collected, you’re ready to take action.Look for Trends to See Where to ImproveNext, ask yourself: is this piece of feedback something you’ve heard before? Track your trends so you know what you’re doing really well and what could use improvement. If your negative reviews consistently mention a specific dish, it might be time to rework it. Or if they mention that the service is slow, talk to your staff to figure out what’s causing inefficiencies between back of house and front of house.This means making a commitment to listening. You won’t be able to make changes for the better if you don’t look for feedback in the first place. Leaning in to criticism — and making changes to your restaurant from it — will only help you operate more smoothly.Don’t Sweat the Small StuffOne negative review won’t make or break your restaurant. There will always be haters out there. If you generally get positive reviews, don’t sweat it if a negative one comes in. Your diners are savvy enough to know the difference between a prima donna and a genuine concern about the restaurant.Your Management Response makes a real difference, too. In a recent survey, up to 94% of respondents told us they read your Management Responses, with the majority noting that they found them helpful and that they would try a restaurant despite a bad review when the manager has responded to the feedback.You can easily respond to reviews by logging into the Management Centre and choosing “Respond to Reviews” from the Reviews tab. (Bonus: It’s completely free!).Craft the Perfect Response to Your Negative ReviewTo best mitigate a negative review, keep your response brief, professional, and positive.If at any point you start to get worked up, take a breath and a step back. Imagine that you’re responding in person to someone who has flagged you down in the middle of a service. If you can keep your cool while you’re juggling five orders and a broken dishwasher (and then some), you can craft a response that will turn your negative review into an opportunity for your hospitality to shine.Here are a few tips to help you respond to your negative review:Apologise and Say Thank YouYou might not feel like it now, but starting with an apology and a sincere “thank you” immediately diffuses the tension and shows that you take feedback seriously. Here is a great example of thanking the customer from Cibo, a wine bar in Toronto, Canada:“Hello, We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience and appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. Cibo Wine Bar takes reviews very seriously as it is our priority to ensure all guests receive an outstanding dining experience, while in a safe and welcoming environment.Echo Diner Concerns to Show You’re ListeningWhen you respond to a review, it’s important to show diners that you’re listening to their feedback and taking it seriously. One way to do this is to directly address specific details and concerns from their review.Brasserie Lipp in Gothenburg, Sweden, does a great job of echoing the diner on a three-bubble review about the noise level in the restaurant.“Thank you for taking the time to give us a review! Happy to hear that you enjoyed our location and that the service was to your liking.It does get a bit noisy when the restaurant is full and we also like to have music playing in the background for at lively ambiance.Hope to see you on your next visit to Gothenburg!”Acknowledging the validity of the diner’s feedback in a positive, upbeat way goes a long way to showing that you care.Take The High RoadInstead of viewing a bad review as the end of the world, think of it as an opportunity. Your restaurant will have good nights and bad nights. Use your Management Response as a way to add context to the negative review and show your future diners what you’re really all about: your hospitality.Take this example from Rosy Cheeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand, responding to a one-bubble review about their slow service:“Dear sir, I deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to you. The day you visited our restaurant was the first day of service after expanding our restaurant so we experienced some slower service due to the higher number of guests and we are currently training new staff. We appreciate your helpful and constructive criticism, which will help our service become better in the future and we hope you return soon.”It’s important to keep in mind not to make excuses for your staff or cuisine here. What makes Rosy Cheeks’ response so great is that they explain what happened and mention that they have learned and will get better in the future.
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