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Muizenberg restaurants have been voted 4.6/5 based on 2 reviews.
Langford Matthee
Tiger's Milk - Muizenberg
Wow! Wow ! Wow! Nothing beats eating one of the best burgers I've had for a very long time with a ...
Juliette Robertson
Live Bait - Muizenberg
Confusion with order, food arrived wrong and they would not change it. But over all a great lunch ...
Cindy Saal
Tiger's Milk - Muizenberg
Beautiful location, overlooking the beachfront. Good selection of food but I would recommend the bu...
Mandy Jones
Knead - Muizenberg
I really love Knead, and the fact that this one is next to the beach makes it even more of a favour...
Melanie du Toit
Tiger's Milk - Muizenberg
Came here for a friend's birthday on Friday night. I live in the city so don't often venture out th...

Here are the top Restaurats & Bars to enjoy Cocktails at in Muizenberg. All ratings are made by you the public so if you know of a Restaurant that is not on the list, review it now.

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