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Noordhoek restaurants have been voted 4.4/5 based on 2 reviews.
Juliette Robertson
Jake's on the Common - Noordhoek
Love the newJakes. Stunning meal, beautiful country feel. Excellent service.
Gordon Dow
Cafe Roux
What a fantastic manager! Good vibe. Good food.
Mandy Jones
Thorfynns Restaurant at Monkey Valley Resort
If you ever find yourself in Noordhoek, then a visit to Monkey valley is necessary. They have the b...
Cindy Saal
The Foodbarn
Casual fine dining at its best. For a diverse and interesting experience, the tasting menu was a wo...
Mandy Jones
Cape Point Vineyards
Visited Cape Point Vineyards this weekend, and once again I was incredibly impressed! The view, the...

Here are the top Restaurats with the tastiest Burgers in Noordhoek. All ratings are made by you the public so if you know of a Restaurant that is not on the list, review it now.

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Cafe Roux
Guest ratings (1)
1 vote
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