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The Best Spots for After Work Drinks in Stellenbosch


Specials in Stellenbosch

Christmas Vegetarian Picnic Basket 2020
Webersburg Bistro,Stellenbosch
Christmas Picnic Basket 2020
Webersburg Bistro,Stellenbosch

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Stellenbosch restaurants have been voted 2.5/5 based on 1 reviews.
Liesl DeWet
The Trumpet Tree
Evening started out great,had a very bubbly, friendly waiter. We were told they close at 11pm but b...
Candice Jansen
Flavours at the Devon Valley Hotel
Just had the most amazing weekend at Devon Valley Hotel in celebration of my husbands 40th birthday...
Jean du Plooy
Le Pommier Restaurant
Visited today Absolutely yummy Highly recommended
Ric Hutton
Cattle Baron Grill & Bistro - Stellenbosch
Outstanding pepper fillet as always. Cattle Baron is always consistently good, no matter which bran...
Kerry Smithers
Root 44 Market
Obsessions ice cream is a must!!!

Here are the top Restaurats and Pubs where you can enjoy After Work Drink in Stellenbosch. All ratings are done by you the public so if you know of a Restaurant that is not on the list, review it now.

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