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The Best Spots for After Work Drinks in Fourways


Specials in Fourways

Easter Sunday Lunch
Rodizio - Fourways,Fourways
Weekly Specials
Rim & Rubber,Fourways
Rodizio Prawn Festival
Rodizio - Fourways,Fourways

Fourways Collections

Latest reviews

Fourways restaurants have been voted 2.6/5 based on 3 reviews.
Akira Wing
Rim & Rubber
We came here for drinks and some food on a Friday night and the place was pretty vibey, catering fo...
Dips Sharma
Cubana - Fourways
Cubana in Fourways is not a nice place. The story goes like this. Me and my cousin went to Cubana, ...
Nicole Brooks
A group of friends and I stopped by Donatella's before our show. Lovely decor and friendly staff. W...
Mandy Jones
Ocean Basket - Cedar Square
Last night the family and I visited Ocean Basket and had such a wonderful meal. Have previously dis...
Maya Dajee
Calisto's Portuguese Restaurant - Cedar Square
So this branch I found slightly disappointing to my experience at the Gill view branch. Smaller rol...

Here are the top Restaurats and Pubs where you can enjoy After Work Drink in Fourways. All ratings are done by you the public so if you know of a Restaurant that is not on the list, review it now.

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