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Wine, the nectar of the Gods, has since time immemorial been the perfect complement to any meal.

South Africa is blessed with climatic and soil conditions that are perfect for a wide variety of cultivars to produce an array of wines in different styles and to suit all palates. With our greater acceptance in world markets, our wines are now taking their rightful place on the world stage as some of the very best wines available.

In The Wine Cellar we feature articles of interest to wine lovers, reviews of Wine Estates and we provide a forum for wine matters to be discussed. We have also created a place where winemakers can talk to you about their wines, showcase their latest vintages released to the market, preview vintages not yet released to whet your appetites and suggest the perfect wine to go with specific dishes.

You will discover new wines here and be tempted to experiment; you will be alerted to the imminent release of limited cultivars and vintages, you will find ideas to stimulate your next meal and you will expand your knowledge of your favourite ambrosia.