Recently added restaurants.

Recently added restaurants.
This list represents the 20 most recently added restaurants to Dining-OUT. This list is automatically created with the most recent at the top.
Rhubarb & Lime Café
Marina Wharf Bistro
St. Francis Brewing Company
Me'nu @ Hollow on the Square
La Mer Restaurant & Grill - Radisson Blu
JBay Bru Co.
Tea Garden at Acorn Lane
Café Rousse - Baywest Mall
Café Portofino's
The Pink Fig
Bocadillos on First
The Farmer's Daughter Kitchen
Saveur Restaurant - Simon's Town
Fat Harry's
Cocoa Oola - Gardens
The Foundry
The C Club
Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery - Brooklyn
Aroma Roastery & Bistro - Silverlakes