Recently added restaurants.

Recently added restaurants.
This list represents the 20 most recently added restaurants to Dining-OUT. This list is automatically created with the most recent at the top.
Hamiltons Restaurant
Shin Thai Asian Kitchen - Sea Point
De Wingerdt Restaurant
Thava on the Beach - Ballito
St Ives Restaurant
Spirit Café
Delish Sisters Cafe
Asia Bay - Sushi Zone
Beau Vine Grill & Wine Cellar
Curry Up - Clearwater Mall
Goloso Restaurant
Ristorante L'isola
The Werf Restaurant @ Boschendal
Bread & Roses
The Thistle Restaurant @ Royal St. Andrews Hotel
Crawdaddy's - Silverlakes
Doppio Zero - Blue Hills
Zamani Grill
Meet on Milner
The Usual on Grant